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Research using the Social Profile has been carried out in metropolitan and suburban pre-schools, playgrounds, senior centers and on psychiatric units in a major medical center, examining validity, reliability and sensitivity of the tool. 


Currently research is being carried out with occupational therapy students in Norway. If you would like to carry out research jointly, you may contact for collaborative projects.


The Social Profile Research Group Sessions

Groups of varying compositions, cultures, business, political, religious, sports, and social organizations may be assessed using the Social Profile (2010). Because its levels span developmental group interaction skill abilities from 18 months, through childhood, adolescence, and adulthood, groups of all ages can be assessed using the Profile. While children typically exhibit age appropriate behaviors at progressive levels, adults may interact using any group level skills, depending on the activity's dimensions. For example, adults in exercise, movement, work or dance groups exhibit Parallel behaviors.


The Social Profile will enable you to evaluate:


  • The level of group participation skill in a single session

  • The highest group behavioral skills and range of skills achieved by a group

  • The over-all profile of group participation levels across a number of sessions

  • The Profile of an individual in a social setting

Research Questions:

  1. What is your group’s participation profile?

  2. Does your group interact at several levels? (See 5 Levels)

  3. What combination of these levels is your group’s usual level of function?

  4. Does your group's level of participation change with various activities?

  5. Are you trying to measure or improve your group’s level of participation?

  6. What Levels are individuals through social exposure

  7. Would you like information about the Social Profile?

  8. Would you like to participate in a study of your group’s level of function?

Research Process:

In calculating summaries of the 5 levels of the Social Profile, they may be weighted for comparison of individuals or of groups as follows. This process is optional:

5 Weightings of 5 Group Levels

a.      Mature level scores X 5
b.      Supportive Cooperative levels X 4
c.       Basic Cooperative levels X 3
d.      Associate levels X 2
e.      Parallel levels X 1

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